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What We Do

Product Development – whether it is new or for refit, for one-off custom construction or mass production, we create a product from the customer’s requirements, and facilitate the best balance for the design and construction through drawings and consultation.

Our Design Process

Concept Evolution

Powering analysis, speed prediction, and market studies are used to ensure the concept fits the requirements for the design’s foundation. Artistic sketches and spatial drawings are developed to illustrate the concept and present its appearance to the customer. 

Scientific Evaluation

Our approach to the hull design is formulated scientifically with empirical data, whether existing or required through testing. Should the concept parameters lie outside of known data, the project evolution will be directed to model development and testing to ensure a good foundation of data analysis.


Using conclusions developed in the previous stage, the hull, deck, structure, and other details are built and refined in 3D computer space. This tool allows the customer to view the product as it takes shape and guide its creation. Small details come too light and are built to achieve a product that promotes efficient construction and meets the concept requirements.


Drawings and digital files are developed to allow the digital shapes to be cut and/or pieced together on a shop floor. The forethought and intellectual property captured within those shapes are documented and illustrated to allow a robot, a craftsman, or both, to build exactly what the customer has seen on the computer screen with high tolerance.


Involvement continues after the last drawing is complete. Once completed, a smooth transition from design phase to construction is assured by working directly with the vendors. This may include the builder, if not already involved yet at this stage. Packages are prepared and estimates solicited for the customer’s review.

For Beginners and Experts

Darron Roop

Started in 2003, Roop Yacht (originally Shorebreak Marine Design) arose in response to the growing need in the recreational marine industry for artistic and technically optimal boat and yacht designs. Darron’s ability to provide designs that are functionally sound and proficient, ergonomic, stylish, and manufacturable has allowed for Roop Yacht’s success.

Darron began his career as a carpenter and loftsman in the boatyards around Wanchese, North Carolina after receiving a B.S. in Ocean Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech). He gained responsiblity for the engineering department of Davis Boatworks through 1998, supporting a wide range of responsibilities for Buddy Davis. Darron has spent time with S2 Yachts in Michigan, one of the most successful boat companies in the country, working on tooling design, mechanical design, and field service in support of their Tiara Yachts and Pursuit Boats product lines. Later on Darron held a position with renowned naval architect Donald Blount developing several hull and deck designs and working as liaison for tooling fabrication.

With his in-depth knowledge and experience, Darron can offer his clients guidance for any variety of powerboat and yacht designs, and assurance that the design will be all that they desire. His manufacturing experience provides valuable insight and ability to create efficiency in the design of digital files for tooling fabrication, and construction jigs and techniques for custom builders. Having been a fisherman since an early age, from mountain streams to blue water big game, he has a strong understanding of sportfishing boats, large and small, an asset for all aspects of their design. Simply, his extensive time on the shop floor, in the design office, and on the water creates a great source of knowledge and guidance throughout any boat or yacht design project. Darron owns one of the first boats he designed – the Kencraft 235 Center Console – and uses his often to fish on the lower Chesapeake Bay and surrounding waters.

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